Creativity is as important as education and we should treat it with the same status.  Our philosophy is to promote freedom of movement, expression of self but overall to have fun and enjoyment. We believe strongly in a “no pressure” environment in which children can form friendships and grow with confidence.


We work together with the children to master moves and try to give them an overall understanding of their bodies and how they can benefit from a healthy life style. We all know our children are brilliant but we want them to believe that too.



Karen has danced for 25yrs; she began at the age of 3yrs training in ballet and swiftly moved onto training including tap, modern, greek, hip-hop and more recently street.

She danced as part of Haslemere performing Arts throughout her childhood performing in numerous festivals, exams and shows.

KAREN MUSCO | Street Nation Dance School

She joined a amateur dramatic society at a young age and performed in musicals such as Singin in the rain, Fiddler on the roof and Crazy For You. She also performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre in 2002 in a dance show. 

She then went on to Study Dance at college and furthered her knowledge by learning labornotaion, teaching and choreography experience. Shortly after that she trained in Hip Hop and Street at Pineapple Dance Studios in Convent Garden, which she still continues to do to keep her training level up.  Since Streetnation Dance School began she has had two children who she hopes will take on her love for music and dance.   


Nadeana has studied dance since the age of 3yrs, being trained in ballet, tap and modern. (Imperial and Royal Academy of Dance)

Whilst at school and college she took drama, dance and theatre studies.  Throughout her childhood she was an active member of the local drama groups and performed in numerous shows with them and the old Haslemere School of Dance.

Nadeana Simpson-Hadden  | Street Nation Dance School

Nadeana has worked with children for the past 20years and is now a mother of three.

She has studied exercise to music and street dance with the Y.M.C.A.

Nadeana has just returned from 4years in the USA where she studied further into sports and fitness. She's now back with a fresh approach and to bring fitness to the forefront. 

DEEZA HARRIS (Street Dance Teacher)

Deeza currently our busiest teacher started with Streetnation Dance School was a student when we first began in 2009.

She has achieved her IDTA Exams and gained honours with over 95% in all. She first started working with Streetnation to achieve her voluntary hours for her Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award back in 2014, where she fell in love with teaching. She is irreplaceable amongst our Streetnation family teaching 80% of our classes and the kids adore her!

DEEZA HARRIS | Dance Teacher | Street Nation Dance School
OLLIE FINCH (Street Dance Teacher)

Ollie currently our newest member of the Streetnation family is debuting his teacher skills September 2020 and is the new teacher for Street Unique classes and Street Elite Juniors. 

Ollie started with us in 2010 as a Little Dude and has grown in confidence and skills immensely. Ollie quickly went up through the groups missing a couple and going straight into Street Elite with his eye catching freestyle and performance skills. Ollie is currently training at the weekends in London with Flawless. He is a pleasure to have in our family.

GEMMA WRIGHT (Street Dance Teacher)

Gemma started dance at the age of 3, training in Ballet, Tap & Modern at 'Susan Robinson School of Ballet.' She carried on with all of these until she was 13, when she left the School due to a back operation. 


She decided to pursue dance again at the age of 15 when she started Street dance at a local dance school in Woking.  

Gemma Wright | Nation Dance School

From here she began her teaching career and took both her Student & Associate Teachers exams with the IDTA, qualifying herself as a Professional.

She has performed in shows at The New Victoria & Rhoda McGraw Theatres in Woking (performing alongside Professional dance act 'Flawless,' The Hexagon Theatre in Reading, and Camberley Theatre.  Before joining Street Nation, Gemma choreographed a dance for, and performed in a Variety Show at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. Gemma is a wonderful addition to our Street Dance family.

JEROME IFILL (Break Dancing Teacher)

Jerome has been competing in competitions for the last 6 years and entering competitions to represent the UK on an international level. Dancing along side David Waker (another member of our team) their crew have ascended the ranks within the UK scene and have started to cause quite a stir.  

Jerome started dancing when he joined Reading University to study Cybernetics and control engineering.

JEROME IFILL | Break Dancing Teacher | Street Nation Dance School

By the end of his first year he had been promoted to president within the club, organising everything from teaching to entering competitions and training spaces.


Since then, Jerome has been teaching dance for the last 6 years and managed to lead a previous team to the semi final stage of the UK University Championships. With his experience in other HipHop based styles and on stage experience in not only dance, Jerome has also starred in numerous shows including West Side Story & more recently as the male lead in Hairspray at the Royal Operatic Society in Reading.