Creativity is as important as education and we should treat it with the same status. Our philosophy is to promote freedom of movement, expression of self but overall to have fun and enjoyment. We believe strongly in a “no pressure” environment in which children can form friendships and grow with confidence.


We work together with the children to master moves and try to give them an overall understanding of their bodies and how they can benefit from a healthy life style. We all know our children are brilliant but we want them to believe that too.



Street Groovers is a fun upbeat dance class to all the latest music that your pre-school will love. Its an opportunity to make big moves, big noise and expend some of that young energy In classes. For there development we help with creating muscle memory, expanding concentration, learning through games and they begin to learn the technique to create a routine.


Street Ballers will be expected to have more of a discipline towards their craft. Lessons are structured as a crew and are they are encouraged to work together with this in mind. They will also bring to the class choreography ideas and an understanding of the complexity of tricks. 

5yrs - 8yrs 

They will learn an understanding of music and beats, learning a basic 8 count which will be adapted through the classes. Most importantly with Little Dudes we aim for creativity, imagination and fun whilst learning the latest Hip-Hop moves and working as a team to form routines with a beginning and end. 

9yrs - 11yrs

In this class we take the 8 beat further to include half beats, creating more layers to a  routine. The moves become more intricate and we begin to introduce cannons and formations. We also encourage time for the Street Stompers to create their own choreography. 

16yrs + 


Street Unique will have the ability to work to various beats and have more understanding of how to choreograph routines. They will work well within a group yet be self motivated enough to practise alone. In this class they will be taught much faster, more intricate routines. This class is where individual creativity is supported and nurtured. 

Invite only 

Street Elite is an invitation only class.

These dancers will be representing us in competitions. They will be disciplined and able to attend extra classes. They will have mastered all aspects of the other classes and have presence when performing. 


We currently alternate exams and Streetnation Shows annually, neither of which are compulsory, but are a huge amount of fun! 


Our IDTA  exams are based on Freestyle Street Dance.   They are trained for in lesson time and the examiners come to us for you to take the exams. 


Our shows on the alternate year are a huge amount of fun and can take up to 18 months - 2 years in the planning.  The kids love the experience of being on stage performing to an audience. It is a huge confidence booster for all involved and a feeling of accomplishment once done. We also attend a lot of festivals and summer fetes throughout the year which again kids think is wonderful!

Street Nation Dance School offers street dance and breakdance classes & lessons in Haslemere, Surrey

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